Corporate Bankruptcy Attorneys

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorneys

When companies have a need for corporate bankruptcy attorneys, it is very important that they understand a bit about corporate bankruptcy in general and know what type of firms typically provide these services. A bankruptcy for individuals can be a very complicated and confusing process. Those for businesses are even more confusing. In order to ensure that you protect vital areas of your personal life you will need to choose a corporate attorney that specializes in bankruptcies or at the very least one with several years of experience in this specific topic.

Legal Aspects

The legalities of filing a corporate bankruptcy can virtually devastate anyone with little or no knowledge of the process. Your choice of corporate bankruptcy attorneys should be made very carefully. This attorney will need to have a working knowledge of corporate bankruptcy laws as well as general real estate, contract, tax and corporate laws. If you own real estate or other various assets through your company then it makes it even more essential to choose the right attorney. You should understand that your attorney can file for protection under certain laws that could keep you from losing valuable assets during the bankruptcy proceedings. If you choose an attorney with no knowledge of corporate bankruptcy at all then you could lose more than you bargained for.

The Bankruptcy Process

During the corporate bankruptcy process your chosen attorney will formulate a plan that will allow your company to pay your debt and still conduct business. This allows you to continue to make money so that you can carry out your debt agreement. You will need to work on this plan with your attorney to ensure that you have covered all of your bases. A corporate bankruptcy is otherwise known as a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. These are only for businesses, as opposed to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies that are designed for individuals. If your business has been failing to earn the amount of money needed to satisfy your debt then you may be able to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, you will need to choose corporate bankruptcy attorneys with a bit of knowledge about these laws and regulations in order to ensure that you file properly and get your debt covered. A good corporate bankruptcy attorney will be able to offer you sound advice on what directions you should take and will help you to file in emergency situations when needed to ensure that your creditors do not take your business property and sell it to repay your debts.

Bankruptcy Laws by State

The actual legalize of filing corporate bankruptcies may differ from state to state. This makes it even more important that you choose an attorney who has experience in the matter. You want to be certain that your company survives the bankruptcy process. In order to ensure your survival you have to retain an attorney that knows what he or she is doing, follows all the proper procedures and can offer you advice on the best way to handle your bankruptcy filing.

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