Free Pro Bono Bankruptcy Attorneys

Free Pro Bono Bankruptcy Attorneys

Those who cannot afford to hire an attorney for an upcoming bankruptcy filing may be interested to know that free pro bono bankruptcy attorneys will handle the case at no cost. Pro bono is a term that refers to providing legal work voluntarily and completely free of charge. Lawyers from various law firms take on free pro bono cases throughout the year, provided the pro bono is for a good cause. If you are considering finding free pro bono bankruptcy attorneys you may be required to provide proof of your dire situation. Attorneys will be very choosy about who they offer pro bono services to. They want to ensure that they are helping the right people with their voluntary services.

Who Can Get Pro Bono

Free pro bono bankruptcy attorneys are available through a range of organizations and for a wide range of needs. If you are disabled, recently lost your job or have other extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from being able to pay attorney fees then you may be able to find a good bankruptcy attorney who will do the work pro bono. You really do not have to go through any government welfare type agencies, although you may find certain resources if you do. Many attorneys offer a certain number of pro bono cases each year. Some state bar associations even require attorneys to provide a specific number of free or pro bono hours each year to certain case types. The American Bar Association recommends that all attorneys provide no less than 50 pro bono work hours each year. Of course, this work does not necessarily have to be provided to bankruptcy cases. If you find a bankruptcy attorney who specializes in his field or one that typically only does bankruptcy work however, then there is a really good chance that you will be able to retain him or her for your case at no cost.

Certain Payment Restrictions

You should understand that even if you find free pro bono bankruptcy attorneys you will be required to pay your bankruptcy filing fees. Some attorneys may allow you to make payments on your case if you do not qualify for pro bono services. Many Chapter 13 cases allow for attorney fees to be included in the monthly payments. This pays your attorney but requires no upfront cash from you which is a good option if you do not qualify for a pro bono representation. You may also find many attorneys who will lower their fees significantly to include only what they absolutely must have for filing and other necessary fees. While you may still have to come up with some cash it will not be nearly as much as a regular filing.

Where to Find Pro Bono Attorneys

Check with your local law firms to see if any free pro bono bankruptcy attorneys are available to take your case. You can also check with certain government assistance programs about any legal services that they may offer. Call around to law firms in your area and inquire about whether or not they offer these services.

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